Christmas holidays are over, though this year everything was very different and I am sure everybody will remember it.
We usually look forward to this time of year because that’s when we take some time off to relax, spend time with family, and take a trip somewhere, possibly to destinations offering summer climate.

I must say I have never been a big fan of Christmas, nor of any other holiday or celebration, when you are expected to be happy and share gifts, probably because of my anti-conventional soul 🙂
For this reason, over the years I have often tried to spend my Christmas holidays far from home living some unusual experiences around the world.

I still remember my first Christmas downunder when I was living in Sydney (read more about my life in Australia). We spent Xmas day in our bikini on a sandy beach of Fraser Island, on the East Coast of Australia. It was fun but I admit it felt kind of weird to be in hot weather wearing a Santa Claus hat and making a sandy snowman 🙂

christmas on the beach
christamas on fraser island australia

After Fraser Island we continued to Tasmania where we spent New Year’s Eve at Wineglass Bay cooking our dinner on one of the many public bbqs dotting Australian coasts, while fighting against oppossums who wanted to steal our meal 🙂

The following year it was even more unusual for me as I had recently broken up with my boyfriend so I decided to fly on Christmas day to Bangkok where I joined a group tour that was a life-changing experience (read more in this article).
We spent NYE on a overnight train from Chiangmai to Bangkok drinking cuba libre from bottles bought at the supermarket and shouting the midnight countdown standing between two train wagons!

Over the years I spent several Christmas holidays travelling, like in 2013 when I was with a group tour in Burma (one of my fav Countries in Asia as I describe in this article) and we sneaked into a local private party dancing and laughing with locals.

In 2015, during our road trip to England and Cornwall, we celebrated NYE at a fancy dress party in a local English pub dressed as Charlie Chaplin.


Or when in 2016 we chose to fly to India on Christmas day to get better flight fares and we camped on a sand island in the middle of the Gange river on NYE (read the whole itinerary of our North India tour).

These are only some souvenirs of unusual Christmas hols around the world, but 2020 has definitely been singular too somehow!

Christmas time this year was surely very different from what I expected, but the love of my family and friends, the smell of freshly-baked chestnut biscuits, the magic of snow, have warmed up my heart reminding me that, be Christmas or not, we can be happy with very little.

2021 has just started and the uncertainty that has characterized last year doesn’t seem to get much better, at least here in Italy where we have been under lockdown for more than 2 months already!
Any project of long-haul vacations appears as a distant dream while we keep hoping to at least cross the regional borders to meet with friends we haven’t seen in months.

For this reason, this year I have decided to avoid any new-year resolution list as I prefer to live day-by-day and celebrate each day for what it can offer.
Honestly, 2020 for me has been quite a positive year in the end as I managed to build a sort of “light” bubble around me, concentrating all my energies within, raising my consciousness, enthusiasm, expressing my freedom to simply be and dream.

I am not saying it’s always been easy, on the contrary, my life has completely been turned upside down both professionally and sentimentally, but I am proud I took on the challenge and welcomed this transformation.

I say goodbye to this crazy 2020 with gratitude for the inner strength and balance I was able to find during the first lockdown, for the boost to re-think my job turning all my training workshops into online webinars widening my work opportunities beyond what I had ever imagined, for all the new people I welcomed into my life, for a transformative walking trip across Tuscany, for a dance training program in the beautiful island of Creete, for a wild road trip in Sardinia with my two soul sisters.

I feel like 2021 will be another tough year but I have decided to cultivate joy and share my transformation experience with other people who are making it through this challenging time making the most out of it as an opportunity to grow and better themselves.

I wish you all a 2021 travelling to transformation 😉


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