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Travel off the beaten path, off season, off limits

That’s my motto when I travel.

Travel off the beaten path: to explore under-the-radar hidden treasures and possibly far from the madding crowd, because sometimes unfortunately tourists can turn a trip into an awful experience.

Travel off season: all popular destinations have a so-called “low season” when you can enjoy them without being forced to share the experience with loads of other visitors;

Travel off-limits: I am not talking about adrenaline-packed activities. Travelling off limits means to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, so it can be anything and very different from one person to another, with the aim of better or even transform yourself.

No matter what type of traveller you are but always try to be mindful

In the past travelling was a privilege for few people who could afford it. Over the last decades it has become more and more popular, so much to be almost given for granted. We often encounter travellers who don’t show the sensibility and consciousness to fully appreciate this precious opportunity and to respect the fragile balance of the hosting environment and people.
Mass tourism is not a problem only for the number of people invading more and more destinations on the planet but also for the poor quality of travel that to me brings along much worst consequences.

How to be a responsible traveler? Here are few basic rules that can make a difference:

1- Respect Nature, as if it was your back garden. Be mindful of plastic and trash in general, choosing sustainable means of transportation and plastic-free containers and bags.
Respect People: be aware of their culture. Be ready to give up a beautiful picture if this could bother the person you want to capture.

2- Be curious: each travel gives you the opportunity to learn, don’t waste it being happy with few must-sees and instagram pictures. Travel first of all for yourself not to show the world how cool you are. Go beyond the appearances. Be greedy, explore, interact with locals, try local food. Each experience is worth the entire trip.

3- Be grateful: don’t give anything for granted. Take a moment to enjoy the warm colors of sunset, the scents and flavors of a local market, the breeze on your face while hiking on top of a mountain. These feelings cannot be sampled in a picture, they are for you only to remember.

What to expect from this blog?

I’ve started this blog more as a personal urge to share my travel stories and life experiences as an expact first, and as a happy re-inpatriated living in Tuscany. With time I’ve realized that both my personal experience and my professional knowledge could merge in here to help people to travel more responsibly and to undertake meaningful journeys.
Don’t expect a “classic” travel guide but travel tips about off-the-beaten-path destinations and itineraries, travel stories, thoughts and feelings as well as transformative travel experiences.

What is transformative travel? You can learn more here.

Where did it all start

It took me more than one year to finally stop rushing with my hectic life and postponing this project. The first idea came to my mind in a crucial moment in my work life end of 2017, when I was quitting my job as manager of a tourism cooperative and was considering to start a travel business on my own.
The original name was Travel Off and was meant to be a tour operator selling experiences off the beaten path, off season and off limits. Yes, because that’s the way I like to travel and responsible, transformational and adventure travel have always been my cup of tea.
The name sounded just perfect and I was very proud of my new project. Unfortunately, I got discouraged by some burocratic matters that pushed me to put everything aside for a while. So I accepted a ready-to-start job that happened right at that time, making me to think it was a sign of destiny. Anyway, nothing happens for no reason. I’ve had indeed an amazing experience for one year working to develop adventure travel products in Tuscany, which was fun. But most importantly, it helped me to understand what I want, or better, what I don’t want.
I spent the past few years on work projects that took me nowhere I wanted, worst thing is that in some hidden part of me I knew it exactly from the beginning but I didn’t follow my instinct. Why? Who knows! Sometimes because of fear, laziness, lack of support.
Truth is, if you really want something you must try anything in your power to achieve it, as simple as that. I’ve always believed in meritocracy (though living in Italy you often get disappointed on how little this quality matters), so my optimistic heart makes me think that if you try hard enough you can turn any dream into reality.

But this is not a tour operator website” you may be thinking… correct!

I realised that what I really needed was first of all a place where I could express myself. To be honest, this is not my first time blogging. Everything started 10 years ago when after moving to Australia with my ex-boyfriend, we thought that the easiest way to keep in touch and update family and friends about our new life was writing a blog.
Une vie de kangaroo” talked about a young French-Italian couple living their dream downunder. Blogging was not popular at that time, neither was Australia, but we loved them both! Years later I find I still need to handwrite my feelings and projects (as I’m doing right now before transcripting it on the computer), because writing, as well as dancing, is how I can best express myself.
I’d forgot how much I love to write about everything, until recently a close friend reminded me how good I was when I am writing also simple birthday cards or storytelling about my travels, boasting me to pick up writing again, and, why not, gather all of it into a blog.

A year after the launch of my blog I realized how much both myself and my project had evolved so I felt it needed a new name that could better represent both of us.
Travel To Transformation came to mind during a though period like the first lockdown during the pandemic. After few months posted-it to my computer screen I finally decided it was time for me to move forward and turned it to be the official name of my blog to represent my travel to transformation, both physically and metaphorically.

I aim at inspiring people to travel more responsibly and find a meaning in their travels. I’m indeed a responsible and transformative specialist with solid experience in travel design and destination marketing, as well as working as group leader.
If you want to change your way of approaching travelling contact me and we will figure it out together 😉