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How many of you really know the place where you come from?

I grew up in a small village in Northern Tuscany feeling like a foreigner and dreaming to leave and travel the world. It may sound like a childish dream but my generation in particular has experienced the opening of all frontiers and increasing accessibility to travelling so we completely ignored the possible benefits of a staycation.
In addition to this, I suffered the close-minded mentality of a typical Italian countryside village, which is certainly beautiful and pristine thanks to the lack of industrialization, but also offers very little to youngesters who, like myself, were brought up with the idea we had to move to the city to find a job and have a future.
If you then consider that my family had moved here in the ’70s without really becoming part of the local community and culture, you can easily understand where this feeling came from.

So that’s what I did, I left to explore the world and live abroad (read more in Dropping everything to move abroad).
But after years wandering around I realized I actually knew nothing about my Country and felt the urge to find my roots so I decided to come back, to search for a place to call “Home” and feel part of a community.
That was the start of my inner journey that took me to discover my Home country, the local culture, traditions and places I had always seen around me but never really paid attention. That’s when I realized there are actually many benefits of a staycation.

Once back I worked on a school project called “Travel at Home” aiming at sharing my experience with young generations, araising their awareness and helping them to observe beauty all around.
The hashtag #happystaycationer that I’ve recently created stems from this same idea, to encourage people to travel at Home showing them the benefits of a staycation.
That’s what Miles and I have been doing for years now and we even keep a bucket list of places to visit or local events to take part to.
It’s easy, just draw a line on a map and see how many places you don’t know within 70 km from your Home, I am sure there are plenty!

Why it is important? Here are 5 benefits of a staycation:

1- Save time and money: we constantly live in a hurry with little time (and money) to travel. We cannot always afford to take one or two weeks holiday so, to avoid frustration while dreaming about your next destination, plan a staycation and you will still enjoy the excitement of travelling without the hassle of complex organization and time-consuming transfers.

2- More sustainable: we are living an era influenced by the Greta effect and flight shaming, so a staycation would definetely help you to cut down on flying, reducing your impact on the climate change and fostering the local economy.

3- Sense of belonging: travelling close to Home and learn about your culture and traditions fosters the sense of belonging to your community, the love for your Country therefore your responsibility and care towards it.

4- Know where you come from before wandering off the world: only when you are aware of your origins you can truly understand and appreciate other Countries and different cultures. It is also true, that the more you travel the more you will appreciate what you have at Home.

5- Become a responsible and transformative traveller when we visit a foreign Country we are not only travellers discovering new places and cultures, but also ambassadors of our own Country and culture. That’s a great opportunity to share it with locals and other travellers because travelling is not just about moving but about sharing and caring

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