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Who am I, what is the origin of my blog, how do I choose my travel destinations, how to travel sustainably, what do I think about Costa Rica as a responsible tourism destination.
These are the questions I have been asked by Rolling Pandas, a tour website for italian travellers.

I must say I didn’t expect this one 🙂 I have seen recently on IG various accounts that I am following talking about their interviews with Rolling Panda, I already knew this company but never really investigated more into what they offer. Until a couple of days ago when I received a mail from them asking if I was interested in being interviewed and published on their blog.
I smiled with surprise in front of that email, before positevely answer, of course. I have opened this blog only few months ago, surely incomplete and imperfect, but with the intent to share my experiences. I had been postponing for more than a year already, finding the excuse that I had not enough time and it was not “ready” yet.
But in the end, we are never really ready for anything in life, are we? We could always do better but we have to start somewhere, find the courage and simply try, letting the flow of experiences helping us to evolve and better ourselves.
Recentl y I have been noting the word BLOG on my agenda as a reminder every single day, but found myself overlooking it in favour of more urgent work deadlines. I must say I am not lacking in contents, I have a editorial calendar full of topics and ideas that could keep me busy for an entire here! But the problem is always finding time to turn them into articles. Besides all the SEO optimization, promotion, collaborations, social management (this is honestly really frustrating for me as I loose lot of precious time struggling with instagram instead of writing for my blog 🙁
What’s my point? Back to the interview, it is just a simple maybe irrelevant happening but that has reminded me what my primarily goal was: WRITING and SHARING!

So no more excuse, I promise (to myself first of all) that I will try my best to work more constantly on my blog and any time I will find myself again postponing without a true reason, I will come back to this article as a reminder 🙂

How do you cope with personal goals? Are you able to stick to the plan or do you also tend to postpone finding all sort of excuses?

BTW: this article was supposedly about my interview on Rolling Pandas! Since the website is in Italian only, you can find the English version below. Let me know what you think 😉

1. Tell us something about yourself and the origin of your blog

Since I was a child I have always had a natural inclination towards travelling and the discovery of new cultures, though my family hardly travel at all. Studying languages and tourism management was then a natural consequence of my wanderlust, in fact as soon as I graduated I left for Belgium first and Australia straight afterwards. Especially this latter has deeply transformed my life, be the “no worries” lifestyle or the unforgettable travels I took downunder. But, at the age of 26 I found myself alone on the other side of the world and, for the first time in my entire life, felt where my roots were. So I left Australia permanently to come back to my little village in Northern Tuscany where I grew up (and where I am still currently living). I must admit it has not always been an easy ride to be back in Italy and sometimes I have even considered to leave again, but in the end I found my balance thanks to a job I love unconditionally (I work in destination marketing of my Region and travel design) and to a person who has been always supporting me, being my best travel and life mate. The idea of a blog first came up to my mind a couple of years ago as a spontaneous need to write and share my experiences. I have postponed for a year until last June, when I finally decided to go online. I had no big expectations, only a huge desire to share my travel experiences and my life choice, in a era when the most sought-after job seems to become a digital nomad, I chose to settle down in a small village in the remote Tuscan countryside. In my blog I write about my life as an expat and inTuscany but, first of all, about my love for responsible and trasformational travel, seeking off the beaten path, off season and off limits experiences.

2. How do you choose you travel destinations?

My travel destination list is endless and constantly updated 🙂 I mainly choose destinations that are not on the bucket list of everyone else, or if I happen to visit a popular destination, at least I look for untrodden itineraries. I love to discover authentic places unspoilt by mass tourism, where locals still welcome you with marveling curious eyes and where you are still able to savour traditional local food. I have always been careful about my impact while travelling both on the environment and on local communities. If we truly are citizens of the world, we must take care and respect the world. The perfect destination for me gathers a mix of natural landscapes, culture and good food!
When I travel I feel a buoyant energy to explore without missing any precious moment lazing around. For this reason I prefer active holidays that also involve some outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or water activities.

3. Any suggestions for people interested in travelling more sustainably?

I think that sustainable and eco-travelling start at Home with sustainable and eco-oriented habits.
Sustainable and ecotourism are not just a fashion, they are first of all a lifestyle! Reduce (not only plastic but also our use of water and energy, unnecessary objects and so on), opt for sustainable means of transportation, respect the environment as much as people! These are only basic steps we all shall consider in our everyday life. When you travel it is advisable to stay at family-run b&b or guesthouses, take textile bags from home to sort your clothes in the luggae or to do shopping, use a water bottle avoiding to buy single-use plastic bottles, avoid sanctuaries where animals are a mere tourist attraction, use local transports (which are also part of the experience 😉

4. Costa Rica is a popular responsible travel destination, what do you think about it?

I must say first of all that I have a natural attraction towards Asia because I am fond of its culture and philosophy. Indeed, I have already travelled to various Asian Countries such as India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Bali, Borneo and Malaysia and I am leaving again at the end of this month to Vietnam, where I will be a leading a group . My travel destination list is endless and ideally I would love to explore more also of other continents (for example I have been recently thinking about returning to Africa!), but I can’t explain how each time I have to book a new trip, I always end up in Asia 🙂 I have heard a lot about Costa Rica and its model in sustainable development and responsible tourism, in fact I must admit I have started to consider it as one of my next destinations. However, I also firmly believe that it is not just the destination to make a trip more responsible but first of all our choices when we travel, so any destination can potentially be suitable for sustainable travel. For example, last August we chose Borneo for our honeymoon drawn by its primary forest and because it is not a popular tourist destination. I have selected three amazing ecotourism projects that really made our journey unforgettable. You can find a full article about our experience in Authentic Borneo.

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