I grew up in an apartment but had the chance to spend all my childhood summer holidays at my grandparents’ campsite. That was my world, where I met lots of friends and collected ever-lasting memories of playing freely in nature, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, marveling at fireflies and shooting stars at night.
That’s the reason why holiday=nature has become the equation of all my vacations ever since.

I have never been attracted to luxury hotels or tourist parks but rather accommodation that allowed me to be fully immersed in nature.
I have travelled throughout Australia wild camping or sleeping under the stars (read more about my trip to the Red Centre), and stayed in various guesthouses in remote areas of Asia.
We often spend hiking weekends in the mountains close to home and sleep in our tent, waking up with the first lights of sunrise and the birds chanting. That’s what makes me feel at home.
Recently, we have spent few holidays in nature in Europe and our Home country too, renting beautiful cottages in nature in Austria to celebrate reunions with friends in front of the fireplace looking out of the windows while the snow was flocking or mountain chalets for a romantic escape enjoying a private spa surrounded by amazing mountain peaks after a cycling day around the lake in Trentino in Northern Italy. This is our way of enjoying sustainable holidays in nature.

Disconnecting from our hectic lives, digital detox, and enjoying the slow rhythm of nature, is what more and more people are looking for, especially at this historic time we are living.
In nature we have the opportunity to dedicate time to ourselves and beloved ones, relaxing, reading a book, playing with our kids, or being in the outdoors to do some physical activity.
No matter if you are a sport enthusiast, a keen bird watcher, or you are simply looking for relaxation with family and friends, a holiday in nature is always a good choice.

Why you should choose a nature house instead of a hotel room or a tourist park?

● Quiet and privacy, avoiding the crowds
● Home feeling without missing all the comforts
● Nature at your doorstep to enjoy outdoor activities and relax

“We want to bring people closer to nature and enjoy a complete getaway from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives”

That’s the goal of Tim and his brother Luuk, who first launched this platform in 2009 after personally experiencing few years ahead the lack of information about accommodation to fully enjoy nature away from the crowd and external a tourist holiday park.

I have recently discovered the platform and found it super helpful to organize sustainable holidays in nature choosing amazing accommodations set in beautiful natural settings.
On their platform, you find a selection of the best accommodations in nature in most European Countries and you can opt for different accommodation styles from wild camping to a private cottage or a bed & breakfast.
There are accommodations to suit each need, and you can also filter them by themes (i.e. contactless stay, by the water, with dog, etc.).

The best part is, while booking your accommodation you contribute to a nature project.
Thanks to its success, Nature House has already planted more than 1 million trees in Africa, and now for each booking, they donate 1 euro in local nature projects in the Netherlands such as restoring wildlife observation areas or rejuvenating a piece of forest.

As you know, I am a big fan of sustainable holidays in nature as I believe that Nature is our Home and we should respect and protect it.
When I travel, I always pay attention to have the smallest impact as possible on the environment, using local transports when available, reducing the use of plastic, consuming local products, and supporting sustainable local projects (Read about our Eco Honeymoon in Borneo).
I am confident that the future of tourism depends on operators who are willing to balance business and the environment but also on us as consumers because each big change starts with a small step, and we can make that happen with our informed and responsible choices.

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