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Myself in the Apennines

Because I have not become a travel blogger by chance but this is part of personal and professional journey in the travel industry.

I’ve started to travel extensively when I was at Uni (thanks also to the launched of low cost air fares) and never stop since then, spending also few years living abroad (Belgium and Australia).

My professional path has started with my university studies in foreign languages and tourism management and over the last 10 years I have gained professional experiences in different branches of the travel industry from hospitality, to travel consultancy and travel design, tour leading, product development and destination marketing (more details on my Linkedin profile).

These experiences have provided me with a 360° insight of tourism both as a travel specialist and as a traveller too.

How can we collaborate?

I believe that successfull collaborations stem from sharing the same values. This means that we are not suitable to work with anybody but we need to choose one another.

I like to think of collaboration based not on numbers but on relations and shared goals. For this reason, I am happy to work with accommodations, tourism businesses such as tour guide, restaurants, food & wine producers as well as DMOs, who share my same values in terms of sustainable and responsible tourism.

I am willing to study the best collaboration project to suit your needs.

What do I specialize on and who is my target?

hilltribe hike

Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is one of the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry and counts not only adrenaline-packed experiences but also the so-called “soft adventures” suitable for any type of traveller.


Transformational travel is the next generation of travellers searching no longer for “simple” experiences but to live also a meaningful journey able to bring long-lasting changes into their lives.

cycling in Bagan

Responsible travel aims at having a positive impact on the environment and the local communities of the destination.

My target is 70% Italian speaking and 30% English speaking (mainly from US and UK) with a majority of millennials (25-40 yrs old) interested in nature and off-the-beaten path experiences.

Some of my past collaborations and contributions


For tourism businesses and DMOs

  • Audit of the tourism offer and marketing plan
  • Professional training and assistance in travel experience/product design with a particular focus on sustainability, adventure and transformative experiences, developed according to a defined target and marketing plan
  • Promotion on my blog and social medias (Instagram and Pinterest) using emotional storytelling and not only affiliate links
  • Sponsored articles (seo optimized), reviews and/or original contents for presstrip/blogtour
  • Bilingual contents (English and Italian) for your blog and/or social medias

Want to work with me?

Contact me or write me an email at to discuss how we can successfully work together.

For travellers

  • Tailormade itinerary planning (destinations I am specialised in: Tuscany and the Cinque Terre, Australia, Asia)
  • Travel consulting 1:1 to organise your next adventure, responsible or transformative trip
  • Tour leading for individuals or small groups

Please be advised that I do not operate bookings for your itinerary but offer consultancy service only.

Need some help planning your next adventure?

Contact me or drop me an email at to ask for a quotation or personalised itinerary.