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Are you a food lover and like to try all eat local when you travel?
Are you always up to taste unusual and bizarre food?

I love travelling and I love food, so any time I visit a Country I want to eat local and try all sort of different specialties.
Some are a journey within the journey, like the gorgeous food of India, an explosion of colors, flavors and spices (read more about my North India tour). Others are just weird or not easy to like.

These are my top 5 of the weirdest food in the world I’ve tried on my travels

  1. Cangaroo tail: when I was living in Australia I had cangaroo steaks several times, but only in the outback (inner and remote Australia) I happened to taste the cangaroo tail. I was travelling on a 9- day Adventure Tour from Darwin to Alice Springs and we stopped at a petrol station to re-fuel. Some participants saw in the fridge a strange piece of meat that our guide explained to be a cangaroo tail. Of course we wanted to try it, so we bought one and cooked under the ashes of our bonfire at dinner. I must say it didn’t impress me for its flavour nor tenderness, it was pretty much similar to any pork chops but dryer as the tail isn’t very fatty. I never found it anywhere else in Australia.

  2. Skewers of fried bamboo worms and grasshoppers: on the last day of my 8-day group tour from Bangkok to Chiangmai, I went out with the guide of our group, Muratha and some local friends. We were having beers outside a bar where some street food trucks where. I wanted to try something local, so they ordered skewers of bamboo worms and grasshoppers to share. Honestly, they are not disgusting as you may think. Insects are not very meaty, also being fried with soy sauce they are crunchy and they all taste very similar. I think the problem for us European who are not used to this sort of food, is more about the idea of eating an insect than the actual taste.

  3. Croco burger: during my 2 years in Australia I got the chance to taste unusual food for Europeans, such as cangaroo, emu and camel fillet (delicious!). The weirdest one for me was a sandwich with crocodile burger I had during my trip to Northern Queensland, where I took a river cruise to spot crocodiles on the Daintree River. I really liked the croco burger, I found it more similar to chicken than fish and honestly, if I didn’t know what it was I could not have guessed.

  4. Ants salad: Burma (Myanmar) was one of my best trip to Asia, except for the food! I found Burmese cuisine (or at least what I happened to taste of it) with little flavor and generally nothing memorable, if compared to Thai or Indian food, which I am fond of. On the Inle Lake (the place I preferred in the whole Country) I found on the menu the “ant salad” so I decided to taste it. It was literally a pile of small green ants served with some coriander, lime and spices, not bad but not easy to finish the whole plate either. However, this was not my first taste of ants. During my trip to the Northern Territory in Australia our guide invited us to taste the green bottom of a particular spices of ant that surprisingly had a lemon taste.

  5. Smoked wasp larva: before starting our 3-day hilltribe hike near Chiangrai, we stopped at a street food stall for a pad thai (the “safest” you can order all over Thailand because it is just noodles with veggies and meat or fish, so you know what to expect). However, the nice ladies working in the kitchen where meticulously preparing a local “delicacy”, using pincers to take out wasp larva from a honeycomb they had previously smoked. We had the bad idea to ask what it was and were offered to try them. At first when you bite they seem cruchy but then you can feel the soft interior. Likely they were pretty small and finally tasted just of smoke. Despite I was not fond of it, our guide Lu really enjoyed them so he bought a package to take away as snacks during the hike and continued to offer them throughout the day. Not exactly my cup of tea.
cangaroo tail australia

Cangaroo tail

cangaroo tail

These are just some of the weirdest food in the world I have tried so far, but definetely will keep trying new ones because I think that to eat local is one of the most authentic experiences of travel.

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