restiamo a casa vita in quarantena

How many times we have complained about not having enough time for ourselves or to simply stay at Home and relax?

I live in Italy and have been experiencing a life under lockdown for almost a month now and it is starting to feel like my new “normality”.
In few days we will spend Easter isolated and the happy Easter lunch with family or bbq with friends on Easter Monday will look like faded memories.
We are feeling discouraged and helpless in front of this situation we cannot unfortunately do anything about. But this is not entirely true.

Faced with adversity we can be bitter or we can be better

– Caryn Sullivan

I’ve not left Home since the 10th of March and decided to face my life under lockdown with positivity and as an opportunity to learn, nurture a positive mind and ignite my creativity.

This article has originally been conceived to share my experience on my social medias because I had realized there are lots of people struggling to cope with their life under lockdown and felt my experience could be somehow as an inspiration. I then decided to dedicate a full article to it adding also links to some resources that I personally use and find beneficial (some of them may contain affiliate links).

Here are my 10 tips for a positive experience of your life under lockdown:


Set an alarm clock also if you are not going to the office, jump out of you pijama and dress for the day.
It is surely the right moment to get some good rest (research say we should sleep at least 8 hours per night, which I hardly manage to do!), but we shall also keep ourselves busy and stick to a routine to avoid a complete loss of motivation.

2- KEEP A BALANCED BODY & MIND: practise yoga and meditation to keep a resilient mind.

Honestly, it took me some years before I could fully appreciate yoga, I think when I first started it was simply not the right moment for me. But three years ago I came across a good teacher and since then I never stopped practising, introducing recently a morning routine into my everyday schedule that I practise on my own before breakfast.
The benefits are incredible, not only because the exercises have better my posture strengthening my back muscles but most importantly because it helps me to face the day with the right attitude.
I was the type of person who suddenly jumped out of bed when the alarm rang already with my phone in my hand, I used to read through messages and email while I was having breakfast and finish my cup of tea in front of the computer.
That was totally wrong!
It doesn’t matter how busy you might be and how many things you have on your daily agenda, you should always find at least 10 minutes to dedicate to yourself and prepare your body and mind to face positively your day.
If you are a beginner or simply prefer to be guided through your meditation, here you can find online guided meditation practises (some free contents too).


When you wake up, before delving into your daily activities, make sure you write down some things that you can do for yourself. Make sure you write them down into your agenda and tick them off as you would do with a job task because we shall always find the time for ourselves too.
It could be anything that makes you feel good and happy. I personally love reading but I usually have no time and read only few pages in bed before falling asleep.
During this lockdown I have set myself the aim to read at least half an hour each day so I finally managed to start a book I had bought more than a year ago on my way back from my trip to Bali.
I am reading the Silk Roads, a super interesting book about the development of the international routes from an historic, religious, cultural and economic point of view.
Reading is another powerful mean of travelling. Each day I am transported with my mind to far away lands that have contributed to the artistic and cultural heritage we appreciate still today.
Needless to say I can’t wait to be able to travel again to visit some of these amazing destinations 🙂


Now more than ever that we are at Home all day long it is crucial for us to feel comfy in our living space, as Marie Kondo teaches us in her book “The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing”


Learn something each day either reading, watching TED talks, youtube videos or following an online course, it’s the right time to do it!
How many things you have always dreamt of doing but never found the time to?
Photography, cooking, origami, we all have a personal passion or interest. Luckily we can easily access online courses or tutorials on any topic we like.
And if you master a skill why not considering producing your own tutorial or online course? It could be useful for someone else 😉

6- BE CREATIVE: develop a new skill or idea for your future.

I must say I was already working remotely so my daily routine hasn’t been affected that much.
Luckily, I managed to turn some of my workshops into online webinars and I am keeping developing new ideas and projects for the future.
I find this time at Home really productive especially since I have started a 66-day creative journal.
Each morning when I woke up before accessing my phone, news or any input from the outside world I journal for 5 to 10 minutes on any topic that comes to my mind that day. Sometimes I have ideas on topics for my blog, other for exercises to do in my dancing class, travel quotes to share on my social medias or simply express what my feelings are.
I find this exercise very useful to ignite my creativity, but if you want to boost it even more I suggest you to read Unlocking your creativity.

I am personally using this moment to implement my blog and turning it from a simple hobby into a business.
That’s why I have decided to invest on it and rely simply on free online contents.
I have been following a 6-week travel blog course that is helping me to unleash my creativity and take my blog to the next level.
Anita is a great coach, she has been blogging for almost 9 years and provides thoroughly insights on how to plan your time, how to create banging articles, how to promote your blog posts through seo and social medias and much more.
A new 12-week program will be starting soon with limited availability. Take a look at Revitilize Your Travel Blog Program.


One of the things I love the most about travelling is to taste new different food and I am always ready to taste anything (read my article on the 5 weirdest food I have ever tasted).
My husband Miles is a very good cook and when we travel we always collect recipe books, tea and spices.
Especially now that we cannot travel physically we love testing new ethnic recipes and travel with taste.
Besides our recipe books we also look for inspiration online and Analinda’s Ethnic Spoon is one of our favourite website, so many recipes from all over the world!
However, we can never get enough of our Italian cuisine too. The best online content ever you can find in English on Italian cuisine is Jul’s Kitchen.
I personally met Giulia years ago when she visited my Region while writing her lovely book From the Markets of Tuscany: A Cookbook.
Her recipes are so mouthwatering and follow the rythm of the seasons using fresh ingredients. A must-have if you love Italian food.


In this period of isolation when most of us are turning even more towards social medias to feel connected, I’ve actually decided to cut off and be very mindful with my online activity because I have realized how much energy and time-consuming was becoming for me.
I rather prefer to invest this time into learning and more productive activities.
Without mentioning the bad influence all these negative news have on our mood.
So that’s how I am copying with all these external inputs: I only switch on my phone and internet after my morning yoga and meditation routine and after journaling, so that I am not distracted in the meantime.
Then I followed my blog coach Anita’s advice to turn off my social media notifications and only access my social accounts for a limited time (1-2 hours per day).
Also, I am reading and watching news to keep me updated once per day (usually after dinner) and completely turn off any device, including my phone, after 9pm so that I can watch a movie or read a book before going to bed without all those negative vibes disturbing my sleep.
You should try, I bet you will gain a very positive benefit.


I am sure during these hard times everybody is reflecting more deeply on the truly important things in life, also those small gestures and pleasures like a walk in the nature or a hug from a beloved person that we all gave too much for granted.
I like to think that this very negative period for our planet and society will help us to become more grateful and conscious about our impact on the environment, both as travellers and as consumers.
I’ve picked up the good habit to thank each day for what I have, usually after my meditation, but you can also decide to keep a gratitude journal.
You will be surprised on how many small things you are now learning to appreciate in your everyday life.


Each day, now more than ever, remember to share a smile or a kind word with people around you (also virtually). We all need to be surrounded by good energy to face this difficult moment and be strong.

I hope you enjoyed my 10 tips on what to do at Home during the lockdown and that you may have found some inspiration. I would love to receive your feedback and if you like the article feel free to sare it with other people.

Thanks and stay safe!



  • Luann McKenzie

    15 May 2020

    I love this post, Simona. Thank you for helping us to use this challenging time to seek out and discover all sorts of hidden gems that we’re usually “too busy” to notice or take advantage of!


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